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Premier reassures public of the safety and high quality of Taiwanese pork


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Thursday received a briefing from the Executive Yuan's Office of Food Safety clarifying the risk of domestically-produced pork products containing leanness-enhancing additives and outlining additional safety measures taken by the government. The premier said that following Taichung City Government's detection of the additive cimbuterol in a sliced pork shoulder product sold by Taiwan Sugar Corp, extensive trace-based testing by the relevant government agencies has determined that the case is an isolated incident, and there is no risk of systemic contamination within the domestic pork supply chain.

In order to reassure the public and protect food safety, Premier Chen emphasized that the government will continue to strengthen monitoring and inspections of pork products when they enter Taiwan's borders, as well as before and after they appear on the market. He said consumers can feel confident in the safety and high quality of domestic pork.

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