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Cabinet approves four draft bills to bolster anti-fraud capabilities


To enhance the nation's anti-fraud strategy, laws and regulations, the Executive Yuan on Thursday approved two draft bills—one on fraud crime harm prevention and another on the use and oversight of science and technology in investigations—as well as draft amendments to the Communication Security and Surveillance Act and Money Laundering Control Act. The four laws will now be submitted to the Legislative Yuan for deliberation.

Premier Chen Chien-jen said in order to keep abreast of changing patterns and evolving methods employed by fraudsters, the government conducts rolling reviews and periodic studies to enhance its anti-fraud policy, continually fine-tuning various measures with reference to international fraud prevention experience and legal norms. Following a consultation process encompassing a broad range of sectors and stakeholders, the government formulated the fraud crime harm prevention bill, which is tailored to Taiwan's specific situation and requirements, remedies shortcomings in existing laws and regulations, and would place the nation at the forefront of the international community's efforts to combat fraud.

The premier went on to say that the proposed bill for the use and oversight of science and technology in investigations, and the proposed amendments to the Communication Security and Surveillance Act, were drafted by the Ministry of Justice to enable law enforcement agencies to utilize new scientific and technological tools to enhance investigative operations and crack down on fraud crimes. In addition, the proposed amendments to the Money Laundering Control Act update the law to penalize new money laundering techniques in accordance with international standards. The new raft of proposed legislation aims to uncover and dismantle fraud crime organizations at the earliest opportunity.

The premier said the codification and amendment of these four anti-fraud laws would create more specialized legal procedures to facilitate the government's anti-fraud policy. This would mark a new milestone in the development of Taiwan's legal framework against fraud, realize the government's commitment to stamp out fraud, and ensure greater security for people's property and assets.

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