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Premier Chen attends SEMICON Taiwan 2023, promotes domestic semiconductor innovation


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Wednesday attended SEMICON Taiwan 2023, an international trade show for the semiconductor industry. In remarks delivered at the event's opening ceremony, the premier said the government is using Article 10-2 of the Statute for Industrial Innovation to encourage domestic industries to invest in forward-looking innovative R&D and purchase new machinery or equipment for use in advanced manufacturing processes. The government is also formulating a domestic semiconductor innovation plan, which aims to turn Taiwan into a major international hub for integrated circuit design within 10 years.

SEMICON Taiwan is celebrating its 28th year as the nation's most important international trade show for the semiconductor industry, the premier said. The platform helps gather industry forces, expands cross-border business opportunities, explores future market technology trends and strengthens Taiwan's competitive advantage and sustainable development in the global semiconductor and high-tech industries.

Taiwan has long been focusing on the development of semiconductor manufacturing clusters, and cooperates closely with international semiconductor material suppliers and equipment companies, the premier said. After half a century of hard work and development, Taiwan's semiconductor clusters now possess unmatched advantages. To maintain Taiwan's key role in the global semiconductor field, the government has continued to improve its cross-ministerial administrative efficacy to optimize industrial conditions and to provide strong support to the industry. The government expects these efforts to expand the integrity of Taiwan's semiconductor supply chain and ecosystem.

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