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Premier applauds green energy successes as first steps towards 2025 goal


Premier Lai Ching-te said today that green energy is a new driver of transformation in Taiwan's energy structure and an engine of economic growth following a Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) briefing on progress and results of its green energy technology and industry innovation plan at this morning's Cabinet meeting.

The premier instructed the MOEA, Ministry of Science and Technology and other related agencies to actively work together to advance a virtuous cycle in which industry needs increase research and development momentum, which in turn drives industrial development.

In order to achieve a nuclear-free homeland, hit the 2025 target for producing 20 percent of Taiwan's energy from renewable sources, carry forward the development of the green energy industry and technology, and create "green" jobs, the government is actively promoting both solar and wind power. These efforts have now moved beyond the planning stage and into concrete actions. Premier Lai thanked the responsible ministries and agencies for their hard work and dedication.

The MOEA indicated that the green energy technology and industry innovation plan is structured around the three main components of industry development, technological innovation and promotion of green energy. The plan calls for a transformation of Taiwan's energy structure, with smart meters to be installed at 3 million households by 2024, as well as 20 GW of solar power and 4.2 GW of wind power by 2025.

With respect to solar power, a program to encourage broad public adoption of rooftop solar panels was launched based on an earlier two-year solar power promotion plan that achieved good results with rooftop panels. Originally aimed at installing 3 GW of capacity by 2025, the target date for the new plan has been moved forward five years to 2020 in order to hasten the early arrival of energy security, a green economy and sustainable development for Taiwan.

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