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Upgrading the round-island cycling network: Turning Taiwan into a nation of bicyclers


Taiwan enjoys a popular reputation as the kingdom of bicycles. Thanks to government coordination of resources, the nation now boasts nearly 7,900 kilometers of bike paths, with both usage and network density on the rise. This has fostered the fashion among local cyclers for round-island tours, and helped create a flourishing domestic market for bike sales and rentals.

The government is promoting a plan spanning 2020 to 2024 to upgrade the round-island network and integrate a diverse array of pathways, along with associated soft and hard infrastructure. The goal is to improve the overall safety, accessibility and user-friendliness of the pathway network, bridge gaps to connect local bike paths to provide a safer, more comfortable cycling environment, and develop 16 diverse cycling routes to drive the development of the local tourism industry.

Strategies for building a bike-friendly environment

Create internationally oriented cycling routes and unique travel experiences: Create a series of cycling events combining Taiwan's unique landscapes and features, and provide certification for completing challenges. Expand bicycling tourism information services while connecting bike paths to railway and bus transport options.

Develop in-depth local travel experiences for cyclists: Map and promote 16 different types of local touring routes. Combine cycling itineraries with accommodations and improve the biking environment in urban areas.

Optimize, integrate, and improve the round-island bike network and connecting routes: Improve pavement quality on Cycling Route No. 1 and various branch and connecting routes. Add higher guardrails at sharp turns and dangerous slopes with limited visibility to ensure safety for cyclists.

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