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Fueling innovation at Taiwan's science parks


Taiwan's science parks, an essential component of scientific and technological development, are the engine driving Taiwan's high-tech industries. For several years running, the parks' combined output value has topped the NT$2 trillion (US$65.7 billion) mark, with sales in 2017 reaching NT$2.46 trillion (US$80.8 billion), or 3.58 percent higher than the year before (integrated circuits, optoelectronics and precision machinery were the three largest industries by sales). The 943 resident companies and the 272,194 workers they employed in 2017 were also the highest ever recorded.

Recent achievements

■ Hsinchu Science Park: Hsinchu saw the formation of the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park industrial cluster.

Central Taiwan Science Park: The Taichung Science Park expansion development plan picked up speed, while semiconductor companies received assistance in the mass production of advanced chips that use 7-nanometer process technology.

■ Southern Taiwan Science Park: The park attracted significant investments and implemented industrial upgrading programs.

Future directions

■ Hsinchu Science Park: In the short term, build a dedicated zone for software development. Over the next 10 years, promote industrial innovation for semiconductors, biomedicine and software services.

Central Taiwan Science Park: In the short term, establish a flagship, world-class artificial intelligence robotics hub. Over the next 10 years, hone the strengths of each sector to build industries of the future, including smart machinery, health and well-being, clean energy and environmental sustainability.

■ Southern Taiwan Science Park: In the short term, establish an environment for advanced semiconductor processes while creating a smart robotics innovation and production base. Over the next decade, become the world's highest-valued semiconductor science park, develop the smart robotics innovation and production base, and transform into an industrial hub for smart biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing and aerospace technology.

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