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Semiconductor moonshot program


The semiconductor moonshot program was initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic semiconductor industry in the core technologies of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered edge computing. From 2018 to 2021, the government will invest NT$4 billion (US$129.7 million) in the research and development of new semiconductor processes and advanced chip systems centered on intelligent edge computing, with an eye toward gaining an advantage in the market for applications of AIoT, or AI over the internet of things. At the same time, a new ecosystem for the semiconductor industry will be built through links to the "five plus two" innovative industries plan to allow Taiwan to rise as a critical global supplier of components for edge AI and a magnet for human capital by 2022.

Two targets for promotion

◆ Researching components and system integration for AI-powered edge computing: Taking advantage of Taiwan's position as a world-leading manufacturer of semiconductors, investment is pouring into research and development of critical intelligent edge technologies, including innovative sensing devices, circuits and systems; next-generation memory design; cognitive computing and AI chips; IoT systems and security for intelligent edge; system solutions for unmanned vehicles and augmented/virtual reality applications; and emerging semiconductor processes, materials and device technology.

◆ Building a suitable environment: Taiwan will build platforms and environments for such areas as integrated circuits, advanced component manufacturing, and semiconductor production methods necessary for AI on the edge. The project team will work together with well-known multinationals, including Nvidia, Synopsys and Cadence, to commercialize the critical technology resulting from successful research.

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