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Hakka 369 Project


To advance the revitalization of local Hakka industries, culture and art, the government carried out the Taiwan Romantic Route 3 project (2016-2021) aimed at boosting Hakka industries and tourism along Provincial Highway 3. Applying the experiences gained from this endeavor, the government is now promoting the Hakka 369 Project (2021-2025) to expand revitalization efforts beyond Provincial Highway 3 to the Hakka communities in the Liudui (or "six settlements") region of Kaohsiung and Pingtung, as well as along Provincial Highway 9 in Hualien and Taitung. These initiatives continue to stimulate Hakka cultural industries, develop spheres of culture that preserve local life, and spur the economic development of Hakka village communities.

Key points

Organize the first World Hakka Exposition and the second Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival in 2023

Transform Hakka village environments: Transform spaces and introduce software resources in township-level libraries so that local cultural workers can utilize them in diverse ways. Preserve, build or artistically transform the people, spaces, landscapes, place names and architecture that make up the memories of the local villages.

Promote tourism in Hakka villages: Guide the digitization of small-scale enterprises and establish local brands. Assist the public in planning travel to Hakka villages by integrating local village data to create up-to-date, interactive tourism maps.

Revive the Hakka language in the "369" communities: Create an environment friendly to the Hakka language by means of public services, education and language communities.

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