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Circular economy promotion plan


The circular economy is one of the main components of the government's "five plus two" innovative industries policy. On December 20, 2018, the Executive Yuan signaled Taiwan's determination to move toward a circular economy by approving a promotion plan that aims to transform industries from a linear economy, where resources are extracted to manufacture products that are consumed and ultimately discarded, into a circular economy, where resources can be used in a more sustainable way. The main thrust of the plan is to turn the circular economy into an industry while applying a more circular approach to industrial processes—in essence embedding circular economy concepts and innovative sustainability thinking into the nation's economic activities. In so doing, the plan will provide a win for both the economy and the environment while aligning Taiwan with world standards.

Specific strategies and measures

Promote circular technologies and materials innovation, establish R&D center: Develop high-value innovative materials, set up a circular technology and innovation R&D center, and establish an international institute for materials science to nurture industrial talent.

Establish a new circular economy demonstration park: Create a demonstration park for the circular economy, build a resource integration mechanism among parks, emphasize low-carbon and clean production technologies, and conduct environmental monitoring and simulation as part of Taiwan's deep decarbonization pathways project.

Encourage green consumption and exchanges: Promote green consumption models such as a circular economy information platform for industries, and a certification mechanism for byproduct exchanges. Implement government green procurement, including by using more recycled aggregates in public construction projects.

Integrate energy resources and natural resources, promote industrial symbiosis: Strengthen Taiwan's recycling system, ensure the quality of recycled materials, and establish benchmark standards for the conversion of hog farm waste into biogas for power generation.

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