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Spheres of culture project


The Executive Yuan has approved a four-year "spheres of culture" project to enrich the collective cultural lives of local communities and allow all residents to experience the joy of culture. Spanning 2017 through 2021, the project is supported by a NT$15.8 billion (US$511.2 million) special budget under the urban-rural development component of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. By preserving culture and enhancing local culture services, the project hopes to build spheres of culture, promote urban and rural development, and bring greater substance to the public's cultural life.

Four key facets

Preserve culture: In addition to guiding and encouraging local governments to revitalize historic assets, the project promotes the preservation and restoration of privately owned old buildings that hold cultural, artistic or historical value.

Reconstruct Taiwan's art history: A national survey to collect and inventory cultural assets has been undertaken to reconstruct the research and interpretation of Taiwan's art history. National-level archiving mechanisms as well as art document and resource centers will be established, including an archive maintenance center, a Taiwan art document preservation and research center, and a platform for art documents and historical assets. Local historical building complexes will also be brought back to life for new purposes.

■ Upgrade local facilities: The project is integrating museum data systems with local knowledge networks, and helping public and private museums play stronger roles with better service quality. Local art galleries will see their spaces and functions improved, while local art performance venues will have soft and hard infrastructure upgraded.

Promote local cultural events: The project will help enrich unique local cultural events and create brand awareness for greater international visibility. Operations at local art and cultural venues are being upgraded to ensure equal enjoyment of cultural rights. Resources are being integrated to develop art and culture characteristic of each region.

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