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Promoting a nationwide agricultural product cold chain logistics system


Taiwan provides a wide variety of high-quality agricultural products that are enjoyed greatly by consumers both at home and abroad. In 2021, the government began to promote an agricultural product cold chain and quality assurance demonstration program (2021-2024) in order to reduce spoilage of agricultural products, raise farmers' incomes, and bring transformative development to Taiwan's agricultural industries. In January 2022, the proposed total investment for the program was increased from NT$8.4 billion (US$302 million) to NT$12.6 billion (US$453 million) to expedite the completion of infrastructure related to the nationwide agricultural product cold chain logistics system by the end of 2023. This system will help extend shelf life freshness, reduce waste, increase salability, raise the flexibility of production and marketing, expand export volume and further ensure food safety.

Key points
Expedite construction of flagship logistics centers and regional distribution centers, upgrade cold chain equipment at large wholesale markets, and assist agricultural enterprises and farmers groups with the construction of cold chain storage and transportation facilities at production sites and the installation of temperature-controlled facilities at vendor stalls.

■ Farming industries: Establish flagship logistics centers focused on exports, and regional distribution centers focused on domestic markets. Upgrade equipment at steam treatment and low-temperature quarantine sites to boost the competitive strength of exports.

Fishing industries: Build primary and regional facilities at production sites for processing and freezing. Build cold chain logistics systems connecting markets with regional distribution centers to strengthen the industry supply chain, thereby boosting the overall vitality of the industry.

Livestock industries: Establish livestock and poultry product cold chain logistics systems, including flagship and regional distribution centers for meat processing. Develop a modernized, export-oriented meat product supply chain, with hazard analysis and critical control points for inspection at meat processing plants. Assist agricultural enterprises and farmers groups to upgrade facilities for butchering, processing and cold chain distribution.

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