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Action plan to develop the cybersecurity industry


As cybersecurity risks arising from the recent development of digital technologies have become a topic of major concern throughout the world, the global demand for cybersecurity products and services will continue to grow. In order to best seize this immense opportunity, push forward the development of Taiwan's cybersecurity industry and achieve President Tsai Ing-wen's directive to treat cybersecurity as national security, the government has integrated cybersecurity into the "five plus two" innovative industries plan as a component of national defense. In addition, an action plan to develop the cybersecurity industry was passed on March 22 of this year. By taking advantage of Taiwan's strengths in semiconductors, integrated circuits, and information and telecommunications equipment, local cybersecurity firms can establish a strong national brand and reputation for excellence. After securing the cybersecurity environment for critical infrastructure at home, Taiwan's cybersecurity industry will then be ready to expand and conquer international markets.

Objectives for 2025

Increase the number of people working in the cybersecurity field to 10,000.

Provide assistance and support for the establishment of 40 cybersecurity startups.

Establish 21 cybersecurity standards for the testing and certification of information and telecommunication products.

Raise the industry's annual production value from the present NT$38.7 billion (US$1.30 billion) to over NT$78.0 billion (US$2.62 billion).

Indirectly boost the annual production value and sales of the "five plus two" innovative industries by 7 percent.

Four principle strategies

Build a cybersecurity education and training system guided by industry needs.

Focus on niche markets and connect with international partners.

Create a platform for product testing and validation to provide the industry with the track record necessary to take on global markets.

Open capital markets to cybersecurity enterprises and move forcefully to expand international sales.

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