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Employment assistance measures for new graduates (2020)


Thanks to effective countermeasures, Taiwan has gradually brought the spread of COVID-19 under control. As a result domestic tourism, the food service industry and other consumer demand-driven sectors are seeing business slowly improve. To help new graduates quickly find employment in a post-pandemic labor market that is only now starting to recover, the government has devised an NT$6.6 billion (US$221.5 million) package of programs centered on rewarding steady employment, subsidizing work training, and incentivizing employers to hire new graduates.

Announced measures

Steady employment bonuses: To encourage new graduates to quickly enter the workforce, the government will award up to a maximum of NT$30,000 per person to those who find and maintain a stable job. Employment for three consecutive months in the period up to the end of 2020 will be rewarded with NT$20,000, followed by a final payment of NT$10,000 for an additional three months of steady work.

Stipends for jobs in designated industries: Young people willing to try jobs in such areas as care provision, construction and selected manufacturing can receive monthly stipends whose value depends on length of work for a single employer: NT$5,000 for the first through sixth months, NT$6,000 for months seven to 12, and NT$7,000 for a final 13 to 18 months. A maximum of NT$108,000 is available per worker.

Reimbursements and rewards for professional training: Training participants can seek up to NT$100,000 in government reimbursements for tuition. To encourage acquisition of new skills and an influx of talent into key industries, cash incentives of up to NT$96,000 are also available to workers who take part in job-related training.

Employer subsidies for on-the-job training: Employers that offer hands-on training and assign senior workers to mentor young hires will be eligible for monthly subsidies of NT$12,000, up to a maximum of NT$108,000.

Grants for hiring young people: The government will furnish up to NT$80,000 in grants for enterprises hiring new graduates.

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