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Youth employment investment program


On May 31, 2019 the Executive Yuan approved a four-year program (2019-2022) to invest in the careers of the nation's young people. Aimed at increasing employment among the young, as well as meeting such challenges as rapidly evolving technologies and the quick pace of change in industry and the job market, the NT$9.5 billion (US$302.9 million) program is designed to address the needs of young people at every stage of career development. By providing tailored employment assistance focused on industry trends, career planning, skills development and job services, the initiative is helping young people successfully navigate a smooth transition into work.

Addressing employment needs at every step

1. Students
The program is enhancing career guidance and preparation for employment, with such measures as subsidizing workplace tours for senior high school students, and a wide range of work exploration programs. This gives students a chance to gain real experience with career-building. Cooperation between industry and schools is also being expanded to connect academic instruction with practical experience and assist in an easy entry into the workforce.

2. First-time job seekers
Job placement assistance is given to students nearing graduation as well as recent graduates. Subsidies for training in key industries are also available. As an example, the program covers 80 percent (up to NT$100,000, or US$3,188) of out-of-pocket training expenses for young people to build skills needed in the "five plus two" innovative industries.

3. Youth unemployed for six months or longer
Job cards (holding digital resumes that include training and certification status) have been introduced to facilitate skills assessments and in-depth job counseling aimed at helping young people decide career objectives. Those who find a job within three months and remain employed for three months or longer are eligible for a bonus of NT$30,000 (US$956). The program also places unemployed youth in companies and organizations for three months of workplace experience and training, while also providing a monthly stipend of NT$23,100 (US$736).

4. Working young people
The services of junior colleges, colleges and universities, along with vocational training organizations, are being integrated to offer courses focused on the needs of industry. The government grants up to NT$70,000 (US$2,232) in training reimbursements per individual over a three-year period so that young workers are able to continue advancing their skills. Also available are subsidies to employers to cover 70 percent of outside training costs for employees aged 29 and under.

5. Youth in non-traditional positions (temporary workers and the underemployed)
The program allows subsidies of up to NT$45,000 (US$1,435) to businesses that provide young people with three to six months of on-the-job training, with the objective of strengthening their professional skills and ultimately transitioning them into steady employment. To encourage companies to move temporary workers into permanent positions, the program also recognizes successes at forefront enterprises and provides onsite guidance for interested employers.

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