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Promoting the smart machinery industry


The Smart Machinery Development Program is an important component of the government's "five plus two" innovative industries plan. Initiated in July 2016, the program envisions utilizing such Industry 4.0 technologies as cloud computing, big data, the internet of things and smart robots to upgrade the focus of Taiwan's machinery industry from precision machinery to smart machinery. This revolution will not only create jobs, but also boost exports of smart production lines and turnkey solutions. Taiwan will emerge as a high-end manufacturing center for the Asia region. As industries throughout the economy accelerate the adoption of smart technologies, Taiwan will witness a transformational upgrade of the overall industrial landscape.

Two visions

◆ Industrialization of smart machinery

◆ Industry adoption of smart machines

Three strategies

Connect locally
1. Create a center for smart machinery in Taiwan.
2. Integrate the expertise and skills of industry, academia, and researchers.

Connect to the future
1. Enhance the abilities of small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt digital technologies.
2. Support benchmark enterprises in fully developing smart tech capabilities to serve as models for businesses in all industries.

Connect to the world
1. Enhance technical cooperation with Europe, Japan and America.
2. Promote industrial cooperation with countries targeted by the New Southbound Policy.

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