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Making Taiwan a high-end production hub for Asia and an advanced semiconductor manufacturing center


Taiwan boasts an excellent foundation in hardware manufacturing and a vast pool of high-caliber talent. In the face of the recent pandemic and geopolitical tensions, international attention has focused on the resilience and production efficiency of Taiwan's semiconductor industry supply chain. With global supply chains now undergoing major restructuring and commercial 5G services launching around the world, Taiwan's government is leveraging the nation's robust manufacturing and production capabilities to promote industry adoption of smart technology and transform Taiwan into a high-end production hub for Asia. The government also hopes to make Taiwan an advanced manufacturing process center for semiconductors by building a comprehensive ecosystem for the domestic semiconductor industry. These efforts will help drive industrial transformation, boost technological capabilities, and turn Taiwan manufacturing into a major force for the world's industries.

Strategies and measures

Regional high-end production hub: Occupy a central position on global supply chains
Accelerate the adoption of 5G and artificial intelligence applications, and promote closer hardware/software integration by manufacturers to help industries adopt smart technologies. Examples include: developing smart processes such as smart material selection, highly customized production, smart testing, flexible packaging and product quality feedback; guiding small and medium-sized manufacturers with the digital transformation of their supply chains; and building smart production application fields to develop innovative solutions.

Advanced semiconductor manufacturing center: Up production value to NT$5 trillion (US$164.1 billion) by 2030
Capitalize on the strengths and enormous demands of the local semiconductor industry to support domestic material and equipment industries and localize the semiconductor supply chain. Examples include: building technological self-sufficiency, as well as localizing material supplies, equipment production operations of foreign companies, and advanced packaging equipment.

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