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Promoting the Six Core Strategic Industries


On December 10, 2020 the Executive Yuan introduced a plan to promote the Six Core Strategic Industries, set out by President Tsai Ing-wen in her May 20 inaugural address as information and digital technology, cybersecurity, medical technology and precision health, green and renewable energy, national defense and strategic industries, and strategic stockpile industries. The endeavor is aimed at taking early advantage of global supply chain transformations in the post-pandemic era to position Taiwan as a key power in the world economy. By building upon the existing foundation of the "five plus two" innovative industries plan through timely deployment of resources and support for industry, the initiative will lay a solid groundwork for future decades of national economic development.

Key components

■ Digital and information technology industry: Maintain the supremacy of Taiwan's information and communications technology industry while building the nation into global focal point of digital innovation able to contribute to world prosperity and security.

■ Cybersecurity industry: Strengthen emerging-area defenses and build real-world simulations for high-level cybersecurity exercises. Construct globally trusted cybersecurity systems and industrial chains.

■ Medical technology and precision health industry: Develop precision medical technologies and systems for prevention, diagnosis, therapies, treatment and care. Bring to market precision epidemic prevention products and set Taiwan as a benchmark nation in precision health and epidemic control technologies.

■ National defense and strategic industries: Promote self-reliance in national defense. Assemble a wholly developed defense industry supply chain, and position Taiwan as an important supplier in the global aviation, ship-building and space industrial ecosystems.

■ Green and renewable energy industry: Establish Taiwan as a standard for green energy through measures including setting up industrial parks and R&D centers for green energy and renewables, forming a "national team" for offshore wind power, and linking into the Asia-Pacific wind power industrial chain.

■ Strategic stockpile industries: Build up strategic stockpile industries capable of guaranteeing the provision of key materials. Ensure supply stability and security in the five principle areas of energy independence, basic foodstuffs, daily necessities, medical provisions, and disaster response materials, including sand and cement. Maintain firm control over the supply of the raw materials and inputs critical to important industries, such as semiconductor materials and equipment, and batteries powering electric vehicles.

■ Improved environment built on commonly beneficial fundamentals: Recruit and cultivate bilingual professionals and digital talent, improve the basic legal environment, and provide responsive financial support for the development of the Six Core Strategic Industries.

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