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Launching Taiwan's new tourism brand


Taiwan is home to a variety of world-class scenic attractions, a unique culture comprising diverse ethnic traditions, and exciting holiday events all year round. As a travel destination, it has long garnered favorable reviews from the international media, but it now faces fierce competition in the post-pandemic global tourism market. The government is thus striving to expand the nation's tourism attractions while striking a balance between quality and quantity. As part of this campaign, the government has unveiled a new tourism slogan, "Taiwan – Waves of Wonder," and is implementing four major strategies: build a tourism brand that attracts 10 million visitors, boost marketing of islandwide travel, integrate local resources to develop local attractions, and upgrade scenic areas through smart technology. These strategies will help the tourism industry embrace the global development trends of sustainability and digitization, attract more international visitors, and grow tourism into a new trillion-NT-dollar industry for Taiwan.

Four major strategies

Build a tourism brand that attracts 10 million visitors: Develop diverse international markets, such as by strengthening tourism from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam; expanding the visitor base from Indonesia and India; deepening the market from Europe and America; breaking new ground in the Middle East; and opening up new markets with Muslim populations and newly wealthy demographics in the 18 countries promoted under Taiwan's New Southbound Policy. Extend visa facilitation measures for New Southbound Policy markets. Promote multi-destination itineraries where transit passengers can stop over in Taiwan, and bid to hold more large-scale international events in Taiwan. Transform Taiwan into a major market for cruise tourism in Asia, promoting international cruises that visit Taiwan's outlying islands, fly-cruise package tours, and other modes of travel to win over new customer bases.

Boost marketing of islandwide travel: Combine the resources of central government institutions, county and city governments, and private sector industries to advertise 100 top tourist spots in Taiwan, publicize package tours and year-round seasonal activities, and offer special deals for lodging and transportation in order to entice both domestic and foreign tourists to travel Taiwan. Issue subsidies for tour group travel, as well as discounts on lodging and transportation for self-guided travel, within the Hualien and Taitung area to revitalize the local tourism industry that was impacted by the recent earthquake.

Integrate local resources to develop local attractions: Invest in the forward-looking development of 12 scenic areas that appeal to international visitors. Develop six local tourism corridors connecting significant sightseeing attractions. Promote regional tourism unions to spur development of regional industries.

Upgrade scenic areas through smart technology: Incorporate innovative use of smart technologies into the administration, services and marketing of national scenic areas, thereby enhancing management of tourism safety, optimal tourism carrying capacity, energy conservation and precision marketing.

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