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Long-term retention of migrant workers


In recent years, Taiwan has experienced a growing shortage in mid-level skilled labor, while our neighboring countries have been competing to recruit and retain outstanding skilled talent from abroad. To address this situation, the Executive Yuan on February 17 approved a program for long-term retention of migrant workers. This program—while still ensuring job opportunities for Taiwanese workers—enables migrant workers and foreign and overseas compatriot students in Taiwan who meet the program's qualifications to be employed as "intermediate skilled manpower" with no maximum limitation on work years. The policy aims to keep outstanding and experienced foreign skilled talent in Taiwan, supplementing the workforce needed in the shortest time possible while at the same time demonstrating Taiwan's friendliness and goodwill to the outside world.

Key points

Permit designation as intermediate skilled workers in Taiwan: Migrants who have worked in Taiwan for at least six years, as well as foreign and overseas compatriot students who have earned an associate's degree level or above in Taiwan, can apply through their employers if they meet the appropriate salary or skill requirements to become intermediate skilled manpower and stay long-term. The program permits the workers and graduates to be employed in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, marine fishing, as caregivers in long-term care homes, as live-in caregivers and in other designated national key industries.

Allow applications for permanent residency: Experienced migrant workers and foreign and overseas compatriot graduates who have been employed as intermediate skilled manpower for at least five years and satisfy relevant provisions of the Immigration Act can apply for permanent residency if their monthly gross salary is at least two times the minimum wage or if they acquire a Level B professional technician certificate.

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