Administrative Deputy Secretary-General常務副秘書長
Central Taiwan Joint Services Center中部聯合服務中心
Department of Accounting and Statistics主計處
Department of Civil Service Ethics政風處
Department of Consumer Protection消費者保護處
Department of Coordination and Planning綜合業務處
Department of Cyber Security資通安全處
Department of Economics, Energy and Agriculture經濟能源農業處
Department of Education, Science and Culture教育科學文化處
Department of Fiscal, Statistical and Financial Affairs財政主計金融處
Department of Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Justice外交國防法務處
Department of Gender Equality性別平等處
Department of Information Management資訊處
Department of Information Services新聞傳播處
Department of Personnel人事處
Department of Public Relations公共關係處
Department of the Interior, Health and Welfare, and Labor內政衛福勞動處
Department of Transportation, Environment and Natural Resources交通環境資源處
Eastern Taiwan Joint Services Center東部聯合服務中心
Executive Yuan行政院
Legal Affairs Committee 法規會
Minister without Portfolio政務委員
Office of Disaster Management災害防救辦公室
Office of Food Safety食品安全辦公室
Office of Homeland Security國土安全辦公室
Office of Science and Technology科技會報辦公室
Political Deputy Secretary-General政務副秘書長
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