Green Environmental Payment Program

  • Date: 2018-04-02

New agriculture is a main component of the government’s “five plus two” innovative industries policy. To build a robust and revolutionary new agricultural paradigm, the government in late 2016 rolled out the New Agriculture Innovation Promotion Program, which reverses the passive agricultural subsidies and traditional policies of the past. A reward mechanism in the form of the Green Environmental Payment Program was also launched in 2018 to encourage eco-friendly farming practices, improve the quality of crops, and ensure farmland is devoted to agricultural use. All of these measures will promote sustainable development of Taiwan’s agricultural industry while benefiting the farmers themselves.

Dual-track system of payments and price guarantees, three-way win for farmers, consumers and the environment

■ Offers direct payments, guarantees purchase price for rice: Farmers of high-quality rice can opt to receive direct payments from the government rather than have the government purchase the grain at guaranteed prices. This measure encourages farmers to cultivate quality rice crops that will not only bring in direct payments but also fetch higher market prices.
■ Encourages crop rotation in rice fields: Farmers will receive higher rewards for cultivating import-substitute crops, export-oriented crops and other policy-specified items.
■ Promotes organic and eco-friendly farming practices: Farmers certified for organic farming or who have land registered with eco-friendly farming groups may receive a subsidy in addition to green payments.