Promoting smart machinery

  • Date: 2018-03-09

Smart machinery is one of the components of the government’s “five plus two” innovative industries policy. Its objective is to transform Taiwan’s industries by upgrading capabilities from precision machinery to smart machinery. In July 2016, the government launched a smart machinery industry promotion plan with three overarching strategies: connecting locally, globally and to the future. The plan will combine industrial, government and academic resources with the aims of training specialists, upgrading and transforming overall industry capabilities, delivering smart manufacturing solutions, expanding international collaboration and developing market opportunities.

Two visions
♦ Industrialization of smart machinery
♦ Industry adoption of smart machines

Three strategies
 Connect locally
1. Build a smart machinery hub in central Taiwan.
2. Integrate capabilities of industrial, academic and research personnel.
♦ Connect to the future
1. Enable small and medium-sized enterprises to cross the threshold to smart manufacturing.
2. Set industry examples for others to follow.
♦ Connect globally
1. Boost industrial exchange and technical cooperation with the Americas, Europe and Japan.
2. Expand foreign exports by promoting industrial cooperation with markets covered by the New Southbound Policy.