Premier discusses investment with overseas Taiwanese business leaders

  • Date: 2017-09-28
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

Premier Lai Ching-te today received President Kenneth Wu of the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America (TCCNA), expressing thanks for the many contributions the organization makes to Taiwan-North America trade and diplomacy.

Premier Lai elaborated on the policy and governing principles of his Cabinet, as well as the concrete steps being taken to promote the economy. He also said that he looks forward to overseas Taiwanese businesspeople coming together to invest in Taiwan and help create a brighter future for the nation.

The economy stands as the government’s No. 1 priority, said the premier, pointing to six concrete measures outlined in his oral policy report to the Legislature on September 26. The first is the government’s move to lead the way in raising salaries by 3 percent for public-sector employees, spurring domestic demand and carrying forward economic development. The second is reform of the tax system to lower rates and lighten the burden for common taxpayers, as well as narrow the gap between the dividend taxes paid by domestic versus foreign investors. The third is to attract investment to Taiwan, while at the same time working to resolve five major shortages, namely, electricity, water, land, labor and professional talent. The fourth is deregulation, especially with respect to restrictive financial rules. The fifth is the accelerated promotion of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, and the sixth is continued pursuit of the “five plus two” innovative industries policy.

Since its founding in 1988, the TCCNA has built an admirable record of protecting the rights and interests of Taiwanese businesspeople seeking success in the U.S. and Canada, and has contributed greatly to trade between Taiwan and the North American region. Premier Lai expressed hope that with the help of TCCNA members, relations between Taiwan and North America will grow ever closer, and advance ongoing national development at home.