Outgoing premier calls for continued cooperation at farewell event

  • Date: 2017-09-07
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

Outgoing Premier Lin Chuan today hosted a farewell reception following the resignation of his Cabinet. The premier thanked all of his Executive Yuan colleagues for their hard work and contributions, and expressed the hope that following Premier-designate Lai Ching-te’s assumption of office, all would continue to cooperate seamlessly to further improve government operations and advance the progress of the nation and society.

Premier Lin said that throughout his term, promises were not made lightly, and that a promise once given must yield results. In his interactions with colleagues and others, he worked with a sincere and open heart, which smoothed the road towards success and proved enormously helpful in facing difficulties and challenges. He also praised the expertise and problem-solving skills of his colleagues within the Executive Yuan.

During his time as premier he faced many crises, which taught his governing team to adapt to the times, constantly rethink old concepts, and confront all issues with alacrity and commitment. At the same time, continued achievements require the injection of new people and fresh ideas, said the premier.

Finally, the premier emphasized that Taiwan’s modernization requires everyone to lend a hand and work together. Grateful for the opportunities provided by the nation, he remains very willing to contribute his opinions and knowledge towards the betterment of society. He hoped that both appointed officials and civil servants will set an example for all by making good use of time and opportunities, and faithfully fulfilling their duties to carry the nation and society forward.