Incoming Premier Su Tseng-chang’s remarks at handover ceremony

  • Date: 2019-01-14
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

The following is a translation of the main points of Premier Su’s remarks.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen, Premier Lai Ching-te, fellow citizens, honored guests and colleagues:

As I accept the seal of the premier today, my heart is filled with apprehension and anxiety. Only those who have served in this position can comprehend the weighty burden of this seal, which is precisely why I’m grateful to Premier Lai in particular, for all of his contributions to the nation over the past year-plus, for laying down far-sighted and long-term plans, and for working so industriously for the people to deliver outstanding results. Without his exceptional talent or the wholehearted manner in which he embraced the burden, it would not have been possible to achieve these remarkable results or lay such a firm foundation.

Premier Lai’s decision to depart was grounded in his belief of political responsibility. His keen desire is to restore political stability, advance from the foundation that has been built, respond to the public’s mandate, and deliver results. Now, it is with a sense of duty to the nation, duty to the people, and passion for this land that I take on this immense responsibility. I’m grateful to Premier Lai and his team for having laid the groundwork, and I thank my colleagues who have agreed in the last two days to join our team as we forge ahead together.

Premier Lai has accumulated extensive experience and paved the way for my many tasks ahead. I can no longer speak empty words; I know that I must roll up my sleeves now and give it my all. I hope Premier Lai will remember me and provide counsel from time to time. Meanwhile, I ask my colleagues also to build on this foundation to truly connect with the public. The only thing that matters is producing results and delivering tangible benefits to the people. As we begin now to push ahead, I ask everyone for even greater support so that the people can see and feel the results. This is my earnest desire. May Heaven bless Taiwan. Thank you, Vice President Chen and Premier Lai. Thank you everyone!