Premier encourages Cabinet to press forward on one-year anniversary

  • Date: 2017-05-18
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

As the Cabinet approaches its first anniversary in office, Premier Lin Chuan thanked his team today for their efforts over the past year. Even in the face of daunting challenges at home and abroad, the Cabinet has shown great courage, worked together to serve the best interests of the nation, and delivered strong results, he said.

Over the past decades, the nation achieved economic and political miracles thanks to Taiwan’s forebears. However, Taiwan cannot compare with mainland China in terms of size, population and economic power, and in recent years has come under special political and economic pressure. The Cabinet must redouble its efforts in these areas because the economy and democracy are the foundations of Taiwan’s growth, the premier said.

Since taking office, the Cabinet has devoted extensive attention to promoting transformation of the energy industry, long-term care, pension reform and economic restructuring. These efforts have already yielded tangible results, including amendment of the Electricity Act to pave the way for energy industry transformation, launch of the long-term care 2.0 plan to prepare for an aged society, proposal of pension reform legislation to ensure financial security for all generations of retirees, and promotion of the “five plus two” innovative industries plan to accelerate industrial transformation.

Reforms require changes to existing habits and systems, and people’s rights may be affected, so some amount of resistance is inevitable, Premier Lin said. But the Cabinet must move in the right direction and take a gentle, rational and inclusive approach as it presses forward and carries on the legacy of Taiwan’s developmental miracles.

Looking ahead, the government still has much work to do including reviewing the tax system, improving the investment climate, and strengthening the social security net. The premier hopes the Cabinet will continue to stand united as it works for the well-being of the people and creates a brighter future for the nation.