Premier calls on overseas community to extend Taiwan’s global reach

  • Date: 2016-10-23
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

At the Commissioners’ Conference of Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) banquet today, Premier Lin Chuan reiterated the new administration’s pledge to deepen Taiwan’s democracy and create a better life for its people. He also expressed hope that the government will be able to draw upon the OCAC commissioners’ international experiences for support and assistance, and through the overseas community, extend Taiwan’s global reach, obtain more global resources, and make Taiwanese proud of their country.

Since taking office on May 20, the administration has endeavored to fulfill the expectations of Taiwan’s people as well as overseas Chinese communities by continuing Taiwan’s democratic development and addressing many global challenges. Those challenges include continued weakness in the global economy that has stalled domestic economic growth and reduced domestic job opportunities, dried up new investments and widened the income gap. The nation is also facing low birth rates, a graying population, a shrinking workforce and pension issues, while the government is addressing calls for pension reform, the establishment of a long-term care system and social transitional justice, Lin said.

In line with the policy blueprint that President Tsai Ing-wen set out during her election campaign, Lin said his administration has promoted five major industries—green energy, an Asian Silicon Valley, biomedicine, intelligent machinery, and national defense and aerospace—plus new agricultural and circular economy models. Based on the core values of innovation, employment, equitable income distribution as well as sustainable development, the government not only hopes to upgrade and transform Taiwan’s industries to make them more innovative and competitive, and thus able to attract new investments and create jobs, but also to build a comprehensive social welfare system that protects the disadvantaged, Lin said.

As successful business operators around the globe, the OCAC commissioners have access to the latest industrial information and opportunities. Lin said he hopes they will share their international experiences, offering ideas, resources, and connections to link domestic industries and give Taiwan a greater global reach, as well as an injection of global resources so that everyone can work together to help Taiwan overcome its current challenges.

In closing, Lin said that under President Tsai’s leadership, the Cabinet teams will continue to remain humble, pragmatic and proactive in serving the nation, and work together with citizens and overseas Chinese communities to win accolades for Taiwan throughout the international community.