Central, local governments take precautions to minimize typhoon damage

  • Date: 2017-09-13
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan
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As Typhoon Talim draws closer to Taiwan, Premier Lai Ching-te visited the Central Emergency Operation Center (CEOC) today to inspect government preparations and contingency plans. 

Talim has shifted direction several times so far, and while it has turned north and may even veer eastward away from Taiwan, the alert level at the CEOC remains unchanged. Premier Lai instructed officials to remain watchful for the possible formation of a second typhoon in the area. The CEOC serves to protect lives and property, and it will take all precautions and preparatory measures in conjunction with local authorities to minimize typhoon damage.

As for vegetable and commodity prices being driven up by typhoons, the premier instructed the Council of Agriculture to ensure sufficient supplies by keeping a close eye on produce amounts at production areas and retail markets. To minimize the impact on consumers, the government should also release appropriate amounts of fruits and vegetables from its stockpiles to supplement supplies.

The CEOC will devote all of its efforts to minimizing potential damage from the typhoon, the premier said, asking local governments to extend full support. He also reminded the public to take precautions and stay safe by avoiding dangerous areas during the typhoon.