Government actively investigating egg contamination

  • Date: 2017-09-21
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

In the wake of the fipronil-contaminated egg scandal that has spread from Europe to Asia, Premier Lai Ching-te today ordered the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Council of Agriculture (COA) to quickly complete the legal procedures required for establishing the maximum residue level of the insecticide fipronil permitted in chicken eggs. These procedures will provide poultry farmers with the appropriate guidelines to follow.

The premier also instructed the COA to control food safety at the source by visiting chicken farms to inspect the entire egg production process, including breeding procedures, ventilation and illumination systems, and the use of approved environmental agents. The council should also educate farmers at egg production sites across the country and ensure every farm owner has a complete understanding of the proper safety controls.

This fipronil outbreak, the first of a global scale, originated in the Netherlands, where Dutch and EU authorities launched investigations after being alerted to the use of the pesticide on local poultry farms. Taiwan’s government, on learning of similar discoveries of fipronil in Korea and other European countries, acted promptly to inspect all farms instead of waiting for local contamination incidents to be reported, the premier said.