Premier advocates ICT education at younger age, and for rural and disadvantaged communities

  • Date: 2019-05-30
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

At the Cabinet’s weekly meeting Thursday, Premier Su Tseng-chang received a briefing from the Ministry of Education (MOE) on strategies for cultivating digital talent in the area of information and communications technology (ICT). ICT talent is fast becoming an important focus of national development, he said, instructing government agencies to work together in promoting the strategies.

The need for ICT digital talent is evident as Taiwan works to build a smart nation and expand the digital economy, the premier said. In fact, more than 80,000 people will be needed to support the “five plus two” innovative industries and overseas businesses returning to Taiwan.

To match talent supply and demand, agencies should build stronger connections with business and education communities to promote collaborations in talent development. It is also important to be mindful of the quality as well as the quantity of candidates trained, Premier Su said.

Digital education should also begin at an earlier age to encourage young students to cultivate knowledge and interest in digital technologies. This will enable today’s children to keep on top of future developments in the ICT industry and know how to respond. The MOE must act now to give children the opportunity to understand changes in their world, he said.

Above all, the nation must provide more fair and just opportunities to rural and disadvantaged students, because learning and education will prevent these children from being marginalized. The premier added that his greatest desire and expectation is for rural and disadvantaged communities to receive the attention they deserve.