Lai Ching-te assumes premiership

  • Date: 2017-09-08
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

Outgoing premier Lin Chuan today handed over the official seal of the Executive Yuan to newly appointed premier Lai Ching-te in a ceremony presided over by Vice President Chen Chien-jen. Premier Lai said that as premier, he is responsible for carrying out national administration, and that his primary duty centered on national construction, economic development and the prosperity of the people. He emphasized that the new Cabinet would not stress battles or election campaigning, but would instead take a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to its work, and devote its full efforts to leading the entire government to focus on achieving results and meeting the expectations of the people.

The new Cabinet was organized along three simple principles, said the premier. The first is that talent alone was considered in choosing appointees and their positions. The second is the strong desire for stability and steadiness; in particular, every minister and agency head must be able and proactive, and take up administration seamlessly under the direction of the new Executive Yuan leadership. The third principle is an emphasis on effectively realizing future objectives, with regular reviews to identify and correct any failings.

The Cabinet will be one of pragmatic action, and will tackle such issues as the structural transformation of Taiwan’s industry, removal of barriers to investment, the impact of the five-day workweek policy, challenges posed by the switch to alternate sources of energy, the potential for social crisis as a result of lower birth rates and a greying population, and the management of government programs. Practical strategies will be developed to push forward much-watched reforms, including pension reform, judicial reform and tax reform. The Cabinet will pursue realistic solutions to problems in order to effectively implement reforms, speed necessary construction, and bolster economic progress and development, said the premier.

Reflecting on the past 15 months since the inauguration of President Tsai Ing-wen, the premier said that his predecessor Lin Chuan had risen to the challenge posed by an expansive and complex package of reforms, by resolving issue after issue without shying from difficulties in order to meet the expectations of the public. He made a point of reiterating his sincere thanks to former Premier Lin for his tireless leadership of the nation’s many ministries and agencies, anchoring the new government and providing a solid foundation for its work. Nodding to the former premier’s ability to solve problems, realize the president’s policies, and set a course for the new administration, Premier Lai expressed confidence that the people of Taiwan would look back on this period of history with gratitude for the many milestones achieved.

The premier emphasized that throughout his years of government service, he has always believed that so long as officials governed earnestly and selflessly, the public would applaud their efforts. He therefore expects all in his administration to devote both thoughts and deeds to serving the nation, the people and this land with honesty, diligence and a love for the homeland.

Vice President Chen expressed his wish that the premier would continue to build on the firm foundation laid by his predecessor as he shouldered the heavy burden of governing the nation and steadily carried out the president’s seven big-ticket objectives, specifically, the “five plus two” innovative industries plan, the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, occupational safety and labor benefits, energy transformation, tax reform, long-term care and childcare, and overall national development. He also said that the new administration cannot afford to fall behind in the race against time to assemble allies, and must devote full efforts to successfully taking the reins of government and living up to the expectations of the public.