Early preparation key to implementing 2019 public works projects

  • Date: 2019-02-14
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

Premier Su Tseng-chang today said that the effective execution of public works projects can spur domestic demand and industrial development, and is thus very important to maintaining continued growth of the overall economy. To advance the pace of implementation in 2019, the premier ordered all ministries and agencies to get an early start on preparatory work, inventory projects that have fallen behind schedule, and speed reviews by simplifying procedures.

Premier Su made his remarks at the weekly meeting of the Cabinet following a presentation by the Public Construction Commission (PCC) on the current status of 2018 projects.

PCC plans call for strengthening risk alert mechanisms and using smart technologies to closely track progress on major projects, said the premier, so that the PCC will be able to provide timely assistance and advanced methods to the implementing ministries and agencies.

According to PCC reporting, 2018 projects with budgets of at least NT$50 million (NT$1.6 million) had a budget achieving rate of 93.94 percent, which tops the 10-year average of 93.72 percent. Public works projects within the special-budget-funded Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program saw an achieving rate of 91.45 percent. Overall implementation was good. As for ministries and agencies unable to achieve high rates across projects, Premier Su instructed agency heads to take personal responsibility for supervision and propose solutions as necessary. The premier also directed the PCC to take the initiative in providing professional assistance to overcome difficulties.

The heads of all ministries and agencies should keep close track of schedules at all stages of every project, said Premier Su, from planning, budgeting and approval to final execution. For centrally administered programs related to the national economy and public welfare, a path to success must be found.