Premier Su calls for strict measures to prevent African swine fever

  • Date: 2019-01-14
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

Premier Su Tseng-chang on his first day as head of the Executive Yuan traveled to Taoyuan International Airport to inspect point-of-entry prevention measures against African swine fever (ASF), and encourage the front-line team responsible for the endeavor.

Blocking prohibited meat products from coming into Taiwan requires heightened efforts, said the premier, especially with the Lunar New Year holiday fast approaching. An outbreak of ASF in Taiwan could result in losses of more than NT$100 billion (US$3.24 billion), so achieving a 100-percent inspection rate for all luggage—both checked and hand-carried—is even more critical. This is especially true for flights arriving from high-risk areas.

Following the airport visit, Premier Su made a stop at a local Taoyuan livestock farm to learn more about the feeding of animals with kitchen-scrap swill and related illness prevention and health management work.