Labor law passed: Premier calls for unity among labor, management, public and private sectors

  • Date: 2018-01-11
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

Premier Lai Ching-te today urged labor and management to set aside their differences and come together following passage of the Labor Standards Act amendments by the Legislature on Wednesday. He expressed hope that the public and private sectors can join hands in growing Taiwan’s economy and creating a peaceful and contented environment for people throughout the nation.

As an island nation, Taiwan and its export-oriented economy face the threat of ever-increasing competition. If the economy is to have a future, management and labor groups must unite and work side by side, he added.

The latest round of amendments kept four measures unchanged to guarantee the basic rights of workers, which was its aim above all. It also created four “flexible measures” to give employers and employees greater room for cooperation. The premier believes the amended act will prove beneficial in moving Taiwan’s economy upward.

Since taking office, Premier Lai has vigorously pushed a raft of policy measures designed to stimulate the economy. These include taking the lead in increasing public-sector salaries to stimulate the private sector, removing barriers to industry investment, optimizing the tax system, creating a startup-friendly environment, and addressing the problem of low wages for young people. This multifaceted approach will hopefully raise wages from current stagnant levels, increase household incomes, and allow all citizens to enjoy the benefits. The premier asked all ministries and agencies to persist in their efforts to advance these policies.