Premier marks Double Ten with call for unity and cooperation

  • Date: 2017-10-09
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

Premier Lai Ching-te today delivered an address on the eve of Taiwan's national day on the theme of a "Better Taiwan," offering his best wishes on behalf of the Executive Yuan for peace, happiness and success for Taiwan and its people. Under the leadership of President Tsai Ing-wen, the government has been able to successfully promote its policies, achieve reform, and ensure prosperity across multiple sectors of society, thus providing a secure and contented environment for all.


Since her inauguration on May 20 of last year, the president has remained strongly committed to working together for a better Taiwan, steadying the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and fearlessly pushing a regular stream of reforms. Under the watchful eyes of Legislative Yuan Speaker Su Jia-chyuan, Deputy Speaker Tsai Chi-chang, and all members of the Legislature, former Premier Lin Chuan's tireless promotion of reforms has already yielded considerable success, and laid the foundation for the next stage of Taiwan's growth.


After heeding President Tsai's call to service and taking office on September 8, Premier Lai has focused on invigorating the economy, leading the Cabinet to implement six policy objectives. The first is a 3 percent raise for civil servants, with the hope that the private sector will follow suit. The second is fairer taxes, along with lower tax rates to lighten the burden on households, and revisions to achieve a more equitable tax system. The third is the removal of barriers to investment and a guarantee of two days off per week for workers. The fourth is the relaxation of economic regulations, and the fifth is the implementation of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. The sixth and final policy is the promotion of the "five plus two" innovative industries. The expectation, said the premier, is that these policies will ensure the continued growth and development of Taiwan's economy.


Thanks to the leadership of President Tsai, clear progress has been made toward each of the government's economic goals. Premier Lai appealed to compatriots both at home and abroad to support Taiwan and invest in the nation. He expressed confidence that so long as the people of Taiwan remain united, the nation will continue its march towards a brighter future.