Police seize largest-ever sea shipment of heroin into Taiwan

  • Date: 2018-12-26
  • Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

At a Wednesday press conference in Pingtung to announce the largest-ever seizure of heroin smuggled onto Taiwan’s shores, Premier Lai Ching-te said that narcotics represent a threat to national security, and that the fight against drugs is a core responsibility of the government. The premier expressed hope that the proper authorities will redouble their efforts and continue to refine law enforcement techniques in order to reaffirm the public’s faith in a safe and secure society.

The government has promoted a number of concrete measures to more effectively combat the drug problem, said Premier Lai. Legislative efforts include the passage of amendments to the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act to stiffen penalties for drug offenses, as well as revisions to the Organized Crime Prevention Act to furnish peace officers with improved means of fighting crime. The Executive Yuan has also earmarked NT$10 billion (US$325 million) over four years for equipment acquisition, new tools and support personnel to provide firm backing for law enforcement agencies.

There is no permanent victory in the battle against narcotics, Premier Lai said, only diligence and determination to enforce the law. He indicated confidence that the authorities will remain resolute in the fight and live up to the public’s expectations and support of law enforcement.

The Taiwan Pingtung District Prosecutors Office said that the case stands as the largest-ever attempt to smuggle heroin into Taiwan by sea. In addition to the arrest of 10 suspects (including two minors), the capture yielded 1,240 bricks of heroin weighing about 470 kilograms and having a market value of around NT$6 billion (US$195 million). This makes it the second-largest heroin seizure by weight in the history of Taiwanese policing.