BSMI works with FamilyMart to create a fair trade environment BSMI, MOEA December 21, 2016

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) has been actively promoting the "Excellent Metrology Management System" to safeguard fair trade and consumers' rights. In 2016, the BSMI began working with Taiwan FamilyMart Co., Ltd. to integrate weighing instruments management into its store operation. A total of 3,048 FamilyMart stores have passed necessary evaluations as of present, making FamilyMart the first convenience store chain in Taiwan to achieve excellent weighing instruments management. This will ensure a fair, friendly and reliable trade environment for consumers. Convenience store chains wishing to achieve excellent weighing instruments management must conform to the following requirements, said the BSMI. First, all the store scales must pass BSMI inspections and evaluations. Second, the convenience store chain operator shall be equipped with standard weights for detection and conduct a voluntary inspection at least once every month. Inaccurate scales have to be sent to certified organization for repair. Repaired scales will need to pass BSMI reverification for usage. The BSMI will also conduct irregular inspections on convenience store scales. Through voluntary detections and irregular inspections, the accuracy of scales can be ensured. The Excellent Metrology Management System can ensure that business operators using measuring instruments uphold their responsibility, help build credibility and trust between the operator and consumers, safeguard consumers' rights and assist the BSMI with fair trade promotion, creating a three win situation. With the successful experience of working with FamilyMart in hand, the BSMI said that it hopes to cooperate with more convenience store chains. Agency in charge: Verification, Inspection of Weights & Measuring Instruments Division (7th Division) Contact person: Mr. Lin Ching-Hsien Telephone: (02)2831-6081