Ceremony for the Fourth Taiwan Mittelstand Award Chaired by Lin Hsi-yao, Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan

The Ministry of Economic Affairs chaired the fourth Taiwan Mittelstand Award ceremony on August 3. Vice Premier Lin Hsi-yao of the Executive Yuan awarded representatives from 18 winners at the ceremony, with over 350 guests attending the event. The winners this year are TCI Co., Ltd., Kinik Company, Taiwan Paiho, Ltd., Aeon Motor Co., Ltd., Hebron Soft, Ltd, Alex Global Technology Inc., Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd, Actron Technology Corporation, Cub Elecparts Inc., Nova Design Co., Ltd., Sporton International Inc., Soldteam Electronics Co., Ltd, Career Technology (Mfg.) Co., Ltd., Systex Corporation and Onyx Healthcare Inc. Since the third year of the Taiwan Mittelstand Award, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has paid special tribute to those among the nominated companies who have made efforts to comply with the Executive Yuan’s gender equity policy to create a friendly workplace. In 2017, Sha Yang Ye Industrial Co., Ltd., Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd. and Deta International Co., Ltd were selected and honored for their achievements in the creation of a friendly workplace. Minister of Economic Affairs Chih-kung Lee said in his opening remarks that the winners of the Taiwan Mittelstand Award are all at the top of their specific fields, as well as the “invisible champions” of the Taiwanese economy. It is hoped that they will continue to pursue excellence and expand their market shares in the global market. Vice Premier Lin lauded the awarded companies for their excellent performance in specific fields and expressed hope that the awarded companies will continue to develop their strengths and make themselves even more competitive. He also stressed that innovation, the expansion of fiscal spending to boost the economy, and the elimination of business development obstacles are three focuses of the government’s current policy. Systex Corporation, Alex Global Technology Inc., and TCI Co., Ltd. shared their experiences at the ceremony. The stories of the 18 awarded companies are available at the “Promotion of the Mittelstand Upgrading Project” website managed by the Industrial Development Bureau (http://www.mittelstand.org.tw/).