Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for April 2019

For the month of April 2019, total net tax revenue was NT$ 112.2 billion, which is NT$ 7.6 billion (+7.3%) more than the same month last year, while cumulative January to date was NT$ 475.9 billion, NT$ 0.2 billion (+0.03%) more than the same period last year. Total net tax revenue(YTD) as of cumulative distributed budget was 100.6% 【Attachment】 Full Release & Tables (PDF) Table1. Total Net Tax Revenue (Preliminary) (Excel) (ODF) Table2. Total Net Tax Revenues – by Government Sector(Preliminary) (Excel) (ODF) Table3. Net Tax Revenue of Central Government (Preliminary) (Excel) (ODF) Table4. Total Net Tax Revenue in Recent Years (Excel) (ODF)