“Continue to do the right thing” Overseas compatriots issue a statement supporting President Tsai

Following the Democratic Progressive Party’s defeat in the 9-in-1 local elections, President Tsai resigned from her position as party chairperson the same day to bear responsibility. Overseas compatriots in New York issued a statement expressing sadness that despite President Tsai’s effort in pursuing reform, the result shows that she has failed to win public support; the statement exhorted Tsai not to be disheartened and to “continue to do the right thing.” It also expresses the hope that she will not blame herself too much.
The statement went on to say that the ruling party’s performance in the recent local elections was less than ideal. Nevertheless, many overseas compatriots could not bear to see President Tsai take all the responsibility by resigning as party chairperson, and hope that she will not blame herself too much.
The statement said, in face of various domestic challenges, President Tsai has steadfastly led the country towards the correct reform direction. After just two short years, Taiwan-US relations are the closest ever, allowing Taiwan to maintain its sovereignty and dignity. Transformation of domestic industry, pension reform and transitional justice have made Taiwan a more progressive and fairer place. Overseas compatriots all appreciate Tsai’s determination and effort. The statement emphasized that reform is always difficult. Although the election result was a setback, the president should not be discouraged and should continue to do the right thing. It said, the future of Taiwan still depends on President Tsai; overseas compatriots will always be her strongest supporters and backup.
The statement is signed jointly by Chairperson of Taiwan Center (New York) Patsy Fang Chen, Honorary President of World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Jen-Tai Tsai, Consultant of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce North America Liang C. Peng, President of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of New York Ming Chiang Jiang, Director General of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of New York Timothy Chuang, President of Taiwanese American Council of Greater New York Hong-Tien Lai, President of Democratic Progressive Party - US East Coast Chapter Hong-Tien Lai, President of Taiwanese American Association of New York Eason Wu, Consultant of Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Jerry Shiao, Chairman of the Union of Taiwan Universities and Colleges Alumni Association of Greater New York Tom Su, President of the Union of Taiwan Universities and Colleges Alumni Association of Greater New York Stephen H.C Lee, President of Hakka Association of New York JC Fann, Chairman of National Taiwan Normal University Alumni Association of East US JC Fann, President of Taiwanese Hakka Associations of America Sunny Huang, Director of Taiwan Studies Inc. Patrick Huang, President of NATWA New York Chapter Ai Lin Chung, President of Taiwanese American Senior Center Benson Chen, Chairman of Greater New York Taiwanese Emergency Assistance Association Gene Wang, President of Taiwanese Association of America/Great Philadelphia Area James Jii Shieh, Chairman of Association of New Jersey Chinese Schools(ANJCS) Nelson Tai, Consultant of Taiwan Pingtung Association of America George C H Hu, and President of New York Taiwanese Evergreen Senior Citizens Association Yu-Ing Wang.