2015 Teaching and Management Professionalism Program for the In-service Staff and Teachers of Malaysia's Independent Chinese Secondary Schools

Over the years, overseas Chinese education has been a core task for the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC). In order to promote and develop Chinese education in Malaysia, the OCAC has held various training courses for administrative staff including principals, directors and teachers of Malaysia's Independent Chinese Secondary Schools. On November 29, 2015, a group of 80 members consisting of administrative staff and teachers from Malaysia's Independent Chinese Secondary Schools will participate in a 19-day training program in Taiwan hosted by HungKuang University. This course will be led by Chia CheySiong and Yap Weng Kit from the Teacher Affairs Unit in the Student and Teacher Affairs Department. The courses taught will be split into two classes; one for teachers and one for administrative staff. The teachers' class will focus on "Psychological Achievement", "Teacher Professionalism" and "Professional Development". Meanwhile, the administrative class will emphasize on "School Administration Management" and "Administrative Professionals in Education". In addition to enhancing professional competence among the teachers, this program also aims to improve the efficiency as well as the productivity of school management among the administrative staff. It is believed that a well-trained administrative staff will be better equipped to handle a wider variety of workplace responsibilities in a timely manner. Hopefully the program will enable the attendees to carry out their teaching and learning as well as administrative work more effectively. Moreover, attendees are given the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, to build up social network among themselves and to visit local schools. For further information, please visit www.ocac.gov.tw