From Medicine, Cultural and Arts, Economy to Education, 11 International High-Level Professionals Became Naturalized Citizens of the ROC

On February 26th, Ministry of the Interior convened the meeting for citizenship naturalization reviewing of High-Level Professionals and approved the applications of 11 elites for Taiwanese Naturalization including Chiropractor Wu who voluntarily took care patients at the ICU during SARS. Since the implementation of the amendment of the “Nationality Act” since December 21st, 2016, 76 international elite professionals chose to acquire the nationality of the Republic of China without losing their original nationalities.

Ministry of the Interior said this reviewing approved the applications of 11 elite professionals including four from medical field, two from arts and culture, two from economic field, two from education, and one from other field. They are mostly the young and middle aged elites around 40 to 50 years old. Among them, Mr. Lin originally from Malaysia is a professional from hematological diseases, oncology, and hospice care and is specialized in cancer treatment and hospice care. Mr. Lin is also well recognized by the medical field and the public.

Additionally, Ms. Wu also originally from Malaysia is a doctor of internal medicine and during the outbreak of SARS, she voluntarily went to the ICU to take care of patients. She was praised with her professionalism and service attitudes by the hospital and patients.

Mr. Shi, originally from Canada, has been a long-time advocate for Taiwan’s cultural asset conservation; he used to participate in conservation movements of the Forty-four South Village, Bitan Suspension Bridge, and the former US Embassy Building, and Wistaria House. He actively lobbied to help improve awareness and maintain Taiwan’s cultural asset conservation.

Mr. Lee originally from Canada has rich experiences in financial and managerial experiences and now serves as the President of a security investment and trust corporation in charge of strategic direction of businesses in Taiwan. He assisted Taiwanese companies to engage in the localization of fund operations, speed up innovation of financial technology in Taiwan, promote business and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the US and Canada and made significant contributions to Taiwan’s financial industry.

Ministry of the Interior pointed out that after being naturalized, these elites will be able to enjoy their political rights and various social welfares. To continuously attract more elite professionals to apply for Taiwanese naturalization, since last October, a more simplified procedure was adopted for foreign nationalities with Plum Blossom Cards of elite professionals without the requirement of the attached recommendation letter issued by the central authority. Instead, their applications shall be approved by the relevant authorities after inquired by Ministry of the Interior in writing and then directly approved as the status of elite professionals. Foreign nationalities with Plum Blossom Cards of elite professionals can simply use this convenient path for citizenship naturalization of the ROC.

Additionally, for the convenience of elite professionals to inquire contact information of naturalization applications, the website of Department of Household Registration, Ministry of the Interior provides a designated area ( It welcomes more applications of Taiwanese naturalization filed by top elites and let us work hand in hand for the future of Taiwan.