9 more foreign professionals to become naturalized citizens in Taiwan

Taipei, Sept. 12 (CNA) Another nine foreign professionals, including a scholar and a robotics expert, have been approved for naturalization in Taiwan without surrendering their original citizenship, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) said Wednesday.In a press release, the ministry said its approval of the nine applicants brings the total number so far to 59 since the relevant new regulations under the Nationality Act were promulgated in March 2017.The regulations allow for high-level foreign professionals to obtain Republic of China (Taiwan) citizenship without relinquishing their original nationality, as part of the government's efforts to recruit and retain top talent from around the world.The nine professionals who were approved in the most recent review of applications hold special qualifications in the fields of education, economics, culture and arts, the MOI said.Among them is an American scholar who has a background in physics and has published a paper on valleytronics, which has been cited in top academic journals, the MOI said.One of the other professionals is a German expert in the field of robotics, the ministry said.In the area of arts and culture, a Malaysian woman who was editor of the Performing Arts Yearbook from 2005 to 2007 was also approved for naturalization, the MOI said.Naturalized citizens in Taiwan have the right to vote in elections and to access social benefits, according to ministry.