Upon Using Mobile Payment, People Receive Multiple Benefits and Enjoy a Smart Life

Nowadays, we can not live without mobile phones; besides calling, texting, and browsing websites, what else can we do with this indispensable daily need? With ever-changing technology, mobile phones have become one of our payment instruments!   Minxiong office points out that mobile payment is being inducted into more and more stores in Taiwan, including convenience stores, department stores, chain restaurants, etc. In terms of customers, combining mobile payment with cloud invoicing, they can purchase commodities and store cloud invoices simultaneously. Not only do buyers enjoy the faster speed of making purchases, but they also get the additional benefits of cloud invoicing; for example, an increase in chances of winning a lottery prize. As for businessmen, the Ministry of Finance provides a tax incentive to small business entities by allowing them to pay 1% business tax rates and exempts them from providing uniform invoices as long as they provide mobile payment options to customers.   To embrace a smart life, Minxiong office encourages people to accept mobile payment. For more information, please go to our NTBSA site "Collection of mobile payment" (www.ntbsa.gov.tw) or call us toll-free at 0800-000-321 during office hours. It is our pleasure to serve you with all sincerity. Press Release Contact: Mr. Lu, Head of Sales Tax Section. TEL:05-2062141 ext. 300.