The Ministry of Finance makes the operation of bonded factory easier by amending relevant Regulations.

The Customs Administration indicated that to make Regulations Governing Customs management of Bonded Factories more clear and fair , the Ministry of Finance has amended the relevant article of above Regulations on May 08, 2018 ,which permits a established factory in the process of application for a bonded factory license may get an approval from Customs for importing self-use machines or equipments so as to to enjoy duty free treatment .The Customs Administration hopes potential uses could take advantage of the revised rules. The Customs further explained that this revision also allows a bonded factory may rent a warehouse outside the factory due to shortage of storage capacity, provided that the warehouse has been licensed for plant or warehouse use permits . The Customs Administration finally expressed that to safeguard and protect the interests of domestic industries . The amended Regulations further stipulates that the certain raw materials used by a bonded factory shouldn’t be interchanged with materials from other sources , if these raw materials are originated from mainland China and their importation have been by the Board of Foreign Trade , Ministry of Economic Affairs , or are subject to countervailing or anti-dumping duties announced by the Ministry of Finance. The Customs also advises bonded factories to make necessary adjustments beforehand.