Port of Kaohsiung South Star Development District Nears Full Tenancy with New Investment from Established FTZ Business Partner

The Port of Kaohsiung’s South Star (Nanxing) development district has since 2015 been designated as a free trade zone (FTZ) and focused on recruiting investment from businesses in the ferrous metals, metal products, and die and mold industries. The nine firms from these industry sectors that have set up operations in the district have already begun fostering dynamic and mutually reinforcing industry clusters. Working to attract further new investment to the South Star development district FTZ, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) held a public bid opening on March 20th for bids submitted to the A3 public bid, with the winning bid submitted by Formosa Logistics Corporation, which already has operations in the district.

TIPC noted that Section A3 has 2.5 hectares of land ready for development. Moreover, in addition to its existing logistics operations in the South Star district (Section A2), winning-bidder Formosa Logistics Corporation also has ongoing business operations in the Port of Kaohsiung’s FTZ in the commercial port district of Zhongdao. Formosa Logistics has indicated that it will be using Section A3 to expand its international storage and logistics operations and that it will invest another NT$100 million in a new international-logistics warehouse facility that will be used to provide more comprehensive, high-value logistics and FTZ business services.

Port of Kaohsiung FTZs are being promoted as onshore customs-free entities in which businesses enjoy tax incentives and the ability to self-manage their customs affairs. Currently, only two units, B2 and A9, remain available for investment in the South Star development district, offering 1.8 and 3.0 hectares, respectively. Companies interested in investing and developing their business operations in this district are welcome and encouraged to contact the Port of Kaohsiung for related information and assistance.