No Need for the Conversion into US Dollar for Nationality Related Applications Apply abroad; Allowance of Ministry of the Interior for Payment with Local Currencies

For the convenience of applicants who apply abroad for nationality applications, Ministry of the Interior on March 7th at the meeting of ministerial affairs passed the amendment of “Charge Standards of Nationality Fees” to allow applicants to directly make the payment with local currencies and save the trouble to convert into US dollar. Applicants can dramatically save the inconvenience and trouble to travel to banks or exchange stops.

Ministry of the Interior said when applicants apply abroad for the proof of loss of nationality, the Nationality Certificate or renewal or re-issuance Nationality Permit Certificate, according to the existing “Charge Standards of Nationality Fees,” they can only make the payment with US Dollar or Japanese Yen. Before file their application to Taiwan’s foreign representative offices, they have to travel to local bank or exchange stops to convert into US Dollar. This amendment mainly added the nationality fees may be charged for local currency by overseas embassies, consulates, representative offices, or branch offices of the Republic of China or the agencies or private groups set up, designated or commissioned by the Executive Yuan in Hong Kong and Macao. To save exchange troubles, there is no need to convert local currencies into US Dollar.

Furthermore, to reflect floating exchange rate, this amendment at the same time reviews the amounts of payment. For applications of loss of nationality filed abroad, the amount will be collected from USD47 to USD50; for Nationality Certificate issuing or renewal or re-issuance Nationality Permit Certificate, the amount will go up from USD41 to USD45. To incorporate with money laundry operations and to consider practical effectiveness, the requirement to pay with Japanese Yen or clean bill is also cancelled.

According to Ministry of the Interior, the amendment of “Charge Standards of Nationality Fees” will be announced recently for implementation. By that time, people can make the payment outside Taiwan with local currencies and enjoy more payment convenience.