Rays of Happiness are being Spread Everywhere: The Ministry of the Interior has commended over a hundred outstanding servicemen

Enlisting in military service is obligation for adult males in Taiwan. However, the substitute military service program offers training that differs from traditional military method; it gives young men the ability to be involved in public affairs and the opportunity to be part of social services. Since this alternative approach was put into action in 2000, there have been more than four hundred and ten thousand men that have completed their service through this program. This form of military service combines personal expertise and the fulfillment of societal needs; our trainees partake in a variety of public duties, including social and cultural affairs, diplomatic work, medical assistance, police duty, fire control, and research and development.
On June 4th, the National Conscription Agency Ministry of the Interior held the commendation conference for the first half of year 2019 in order to commend outstanding servicemen. The awards were handed out in person by deputy director Chen. He praised the men for their humble enthusiasm and applying their skills in the service for the people. He stated that they are like rays of light that lit up happiness everywhere and warm the hearts of all.
The recognition ceremony honored one hundred and thirty-one outstanding servicemen, as well as forty-two additional excellent performers and employers. Some of these stellar men happily undertook fire rescue assignments, while others actively engaged in social welfare work; some even partook in industrial research and development that contributes to the economic development of the nation. The variety of programs engaged by draftees demonstrates the diversity of the alternative military service.

Rays of Happiness are being Spread Everywhere