Announcement of "Directions for Allocating Installed Capacity of Offshore Wind Potential Zones"

Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held a Press Conference early today to explain the scheme of "Directions for Allocating Installed Capacity of Offshore Wind Potential Zones". The scheme will first allocate 3.5 GW by selection, and then 2 GW by auction, so as to establish industrial supply chain, as well as to thrust development of offshore wind. MOEA plans to select 0.5 GW of projects to be commissioned by 2020 through the review of the application of the Preparation Permit. As for 3 GW of projects to be commissioned between 2021 and 2025, the selection will be determined according to the technical and financial capabilities, and applicants must present industrial and environmental commitments, following the principle of "committing in advance, implementing afterward". For the auction part, 2GW of auction will be allocated, i.e. 5.5 GW subtracting the capacity allocated in selection stage. The main factor for auction would be the bidding price of FIT. According to MOEA, numbers of public forums or seminars have been held in the last six months, fully elaborating the regime and comprehensively collecting opinions from the industry. All those feedbacks have been taken into consideration such that steady and orderly development of offshore wind can be effectively promoted, while domestic industry can also be driven forward. At this moment, MOEA is undertaking the administrative process for the announcement of the "Directions for Allocating Installed Capacity of Offshore Wind Potential Zones". It is expected that the selection and the auction can be completed by April and June, 2018 respectively. Through achieving the offshore wind targets, the nuclear-free homeland can therefore be fulfilled. Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director-General, Chun-Li Lee Phone: 02-2775-7660 Mobile: 0936-250-838 Email: Business Contact: Director, Chung-Hsien Chen Phone: 02-2775-7770 Mobile: 0910-998-339 Email: Media Contact: Inspector, Yu-Hsuah Hsia Phone: 02-2775-7705 Mobile: 0910-668-295 Email: