Taiwan and US Collaborate in the Development of Smart Machinery; NEXCOM Released Taiwan's First Seven-axis Controller

Through the Taiwan-US industrial collaboration platform, NEXCOM International Co., an intelligent solutions manufacturer, has worked with Energid Technologies to develop the first high-end seven-axis robot controller, and delivered results at the 2017 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show on September 7th. Since Industrial Development Bureau promoted a "key resources cooperation platform" between Taiwan and the United States, it is the first product launched that took advantage of this platform. Direct General Leu said, smart manufacturing will be the future trend. Last year, the 2016 Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Mission, led by the Industrial Development Bureau, visited Energid Technologies at Boston, which is a professional high-end multi-axes robotic control software and system integration solution provider, and the two sides signed memorandums of cooperation. This is not only part of the effort to build a "key resources cooperation platform", but also a practice of important strategy that links up local industries with both the world and the future". NEXCOM is a well-known Taiwanese enterprise specializing in the Internet of Things, telematics, network communications, and digital security intelligent solutions, and has its subsidiaries in the US, UK, Italy, Japan and China. Energid is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts in US, and is a high-tech company that integrates robot, machine vision, and remote control technologies. Its partners include many companies, such as Boeing, Intel, and Microsoft, as well as academic institutions, such as Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Its customers include the National Science Foundation, NASA, Sony, and Mitsubishi, etc. Lin, the Chairman of NEXCOM, said, due to reduction of the required rotary space, increased freedom, and flexibility like the human arm, the seven-axis robot will be physically closer to the target object, and reduce any possible conflict with other devices. Of course, the operation mode and calculation of this seven-axis robot will be more complicated. Since 2015, the Industrial Development Bureau has coordinated the "Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Mission", to visit the industries in US, link the US industrial clusters, promote investment between Taiwan and the United States, and signed memorandums of cooperation with Energid. We will continue to build "key resources cooperation platform", to link our smart machinery industry to the world and the future.